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All That Is Heavy

2013-08-06 05:00:53 by CounterChrist
This site is all about heavy metal. It ranges from Doom to Stoner Metal. Think Candlemass; Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath & Neurosis. It has a wonderful variety in that area.

Bands=Albums in pic below From biggest to smallest
Nightstalker - Superfreak
Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm
High on Fire - Death is this Communion
Vidunder - Self Titled
Zior - Self Titled
Alter of Oblivion - Salvation
Acid King - Sucking the 70's
Baby Woodrose - Disconnected
Karma to Burn - V
Arc of Ascent - The Higher Key

All That Is Heavy

Keith Thompson Art "VIRAEMIA"

2013-04-14 02:26:07 by CounterChrist


The civilised world lies on its knees, a sickness wracking its body. The affliction causes a necrotising of tissues so perfectly uniform in distribution that victims take on the appearance of corpses long before death occurs due to organ failure or secondary infections. The crumbling remnants of academia swing from fatalistic resignation to maddened optimism in their addressment of what could be done to fight the sickness.The vast numbers of doctors attempting to stem the tide of infection, invariably falling victim to the malady they treat, have begun to form fanatical extermination squads whose policies are condoned by authority. A notion forms, twisting the tenets of the Hippocratic oath to say that when the oath taker is subject to the half-death of infection they are obliged to spend their lasting days attempting to destroy the source of the contagion. The paramilitary forces formed from the infected medical practicioners find themselves deigned to mete out persecution to the sufferers they were formally treating. Equipped with the leftovers of dissolved military forces, the Doctors' Militia are organised to burn all infected areas and sufferers; a campaign which stalks across blasted lands, mirroring the wave of infection in an addled attempt at backtracking all the way to some imaginary source. Extensive bombing campaigns start firestorms that incinerate whole cities. Squads of "scorched earth" units are tasked with eradicating outlying locales. The distinctive appearance of the plague doctors, the only sight originally associated with any idea of hope, often causes the confused survivors of bombing runs to rush, open armed, towards the oncoming squads.

Pic & description from

Keith Thompson Art "VIRAEMIA"

2012-09-21 00:51:08 by CounterChrist

The Neo-Underground
Kay, now i feel better for spamming newgrounds earlier with Not alot of people posting on this site anymore. Posers!

Skitzo the Bear-RUN! Short

Skitzo the 1920's Bear Short

One Love by Bitterritter

Hate to Live - Live to Hate by Bitterritter

The Drunkard by Johannek

Punk-o-matic 2

3D Logic 2

Pic from .... i dont remember what this one was called!

Giggin is as giggin does

2012-08-16 17:34:35 by CounterChrist

Finally! Setup my first gig without any help. Took sometime, alot of effort, but finally im gonna blow The Rancho De Corrales Senior Center AWAY!!!
My Elite set up is gonna be my broken Line 6 and a busted Les Paul. Truly, the gods shine their mercy upon me...

Pickin up the guitar Again!

2012-08-12 19:50:34 by CounterChrist

Its like riding a bike! You Never Forget.
but your hands do...

Larry Mitchell lead guitar lesson jam

THE best version of a backing track to 'Texas Flood' i could find ANYWHERE

D MINOR Garage Rock Style Back track re=relmfu

Dm 80's Rock Ballad Back Track

A MINOR Smooth Guitar Back Track

Em Hip Hop Guitar Backing Track - HD


Dm Guitar Scale

Am Guitar Scale itar_scale.gif

Mashup Remixes and/or DJ Splicing

2012-08-06 18:04:20 by CounterChrist

2Pac Gangsters Paradise

Korn vs Nine Inch Nails - Reptile Has Come Undone

Lost this one cant find it
Korn/Tupac - A.D.I.D.A.S/Thug Life

Checkout this movie!
"RiP!: A Remix Manifesto"

Pure Sabbath by Black Sabbath
Here is my contribution to the world of Music Mashups

Linkin Park vs Korn - One Step Closer to Coming Undone
People do love that one Korn song about as much as the Korn fans love Blind. Gotta appreciate those names that fit

Surreal Deal

2012-08-04 20:38:20 by CounterChrist

Made in 1975
Directed by Ralph Bakshi
Starring: Philip Michael Thomas, Barry White & Charles Gordone
Rabbit, Fox and Bear head to the city of Harlem.... and thats it

Surreal Deal


2012-07-26 04:39:36 by CounterChrist

A short animated film by Eoin Clarke. Made in 1997. A gang of four set out one night to break as many rules as possible.

The ZoomQuilt

2012-07-07 00:07:12 by CounterChrist


Kay so this is the Zoom Quilt Project(1 and 2). A bunch of people contributed to this picture that keeps delving into another world. You can tell a Huge amount of effort went into this piece of art!